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    DIY Paper Moon Lamp Floral Birthday Cake For 6 Steps


    This is our DIY Paper Moon Lamp Floral Birthday Cake. It seems complicated, but in fact, 30 pieces of light balls can be spliced according to two rules. Explanation:  Specific Steps Step 1: Fold the line on the back Fold the 30 pieces of light ball sheet (another 2 pieces for spare) one by one. (Fold and press as hard as possible, the light ball is more delicate after forming) Step 2: Combine the sharp corners of the three lamp ball sheets to form a spire. According to the diagram instructions up and down the assembly, the assembly pays attention to the strength…

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    Poinsettia Pop-Up Card

    Poinsettia Pop-Up Card The Poinsettia Pop Up Cards making kit is a great way to send holiday greetings, but it also makes for a fun table decoration. The card also has a small, effective message: “Best wishes.” This small package…

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    Make a Paper Birthday Cake for Fun

    Children can create their own paper birthday cake pop up card for classmates. These celebrations are an excellent way to reinforce decision-making skills and fine motor skills. In this simple activity, they will cut out cake shapes and strips for…

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    Make a Birthday Paper Cake for Your Loved One

    This article will teach you how to make a beautiful birthday cake of paper. Using decorative paper, first draft the phrase ‘Happy Birthday in pencil. Then outline it with permanent markers. You can now wrap the cake in crepe paper.…

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    UFO 3D Pop Up Cards With Light For Kids

    There’s been a lot of buzz around UFOs lately, especially with the Pentagon now reporting about 400 UFO encounters. Senior Pentagon officials told the House panel that there are now nearly 400 reports from military personnel about possible encounters with…