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Happy Graduation Pop Up Card

The meaning of Graduation

Graduation is one of life’s biggest milestones and pop-up greeting cards make the perfect way to celebrate this moment. Happy Graduation 3D cards have a unique design that includes a congratulatory message and a bachelor’s cap with the words “Congratulations!”

What are Graduation Pop Up Cards?

A graduation pop up card is a 3d popup card that combines graduation elements with premium greeting cards, including bachelor caps, diplomas, stars, and more. 3D Pop up Card is a handcrafted and cut postcard. When you open the card, it pops up to surprise your loved one, and as a small keepsake, unfolds like a big surprise.

Each card measures approximately 5 1/4 inches square and features a mortarboard with graduates throwing their caps in the air. The text is written in a shimmering gold script. These cards are perfect for sending to the grad who lives far away.

You can also place one in a gift bag and send it to them as a graduation pop up card. Just make sure you add extra postage to the package! The cards can also be customized with a grad’s name and a graduation message.

What are Graduation Pop Up Cards For?

Another graduation 3D cards are the Graduation Cap Pop Up Card. This card is available for both high school and college graduations. You can decorate it with additional cutouts and colors.

For more information on how to create graduation 3D cards, check out my instructional video and printable template for a graduation 3D cap. It will be sure to get a lot of positive feedback!

So go ahead, and order your graduation 3d card today!

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