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How to Create Box Pop Up Cards

Orchids Pop-Up Box Card

You can create a wide variety of box pop up cards using the simple technique of paper folding. Start by folding the center section of the card stock accordion style. It should form a triangle when laid flat. After folding, cut the flap diagonally so it creates an hourglass-like shape when opened. Use masking tape to reinforce the flap. The finished card will be a perfect example of a box pop up card.

The next step is to cut a strip of decorative paper to form the box. You may want to leave one side blank so the recipient can write a personal message. You may also want to add complementary flaps to the card to create additional interest and dimension. Once cut, adhere the strips and die cuts to the card. The finished product should fit into a 6×9 envelope. If you want the finished product to be even more spectacular, you can attach a piece of acetate to the inside of the card.

Once the card is trimmed, adhere to the flaps with double-sided tape or glue. Clear adhesive Zots can be a good choice if you don’t have glue. Align the flaps with the top edge of the card, ensuring that the inserts have equal gaps. Once the cards are done, fold them flat. This will allow the pop-up cards to pop up. You can even use these cards for holiday greetings.

If you want to create an original box pop up card, you can buy pop-up topper designs from Hunkydory. They are perfect for flower pop-up boxes, as they are die-cut and printed on high-quality cardstock. Alternatively, you can design your own designs using die cutters or rubber stamps. However, it is best to use a template so that the pop up box will fit into the card.

Once you have all the supplies, you can begin the process of creating box pop-up cards. You’ll need card stock that is three 3/4 inches by 11 inches. You can use a ruler or cutouts to guide you through the folding process. Using a ruler to draw a line will help you ensure that the folding process is uniform. Then you can fold the cardstock in a triangular shape so that the three sides create wings.

If you want to make a unique box pop up card for a special occasion, you can download a PDF and print the image on cardstock. Make sure to cut along the black outlines and slits. The other piece should have a striped panel on it. If you want to create a larger version, you can cut the pattern into two pieces. The resulting project will measure approximately 5 3/4″ by six inches.

The Pop Up Box Card-Made Simple
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