How to Make a Cake Pop Up Card

Lights & Music Happy Birthday Pop-Up Card

What is a cake pop up card?

A cake pop up card is a unique gift that will definitely make a person’s day! Made with quality paper and eco-friendly printing, this card can be opened to reveal a surprise inside! The design is carefully crafted by a team of professionals and assembled by a skilled worker to create a truly memorable birthday present. If you’re thinking of giving a cake pop up card to your loved one, there are a few things that you should know.

The design of the birthday cards

This unique birthday card has a stunning 3D design with a paisley design. The card also features a blown sensor, so you can trigger a show of lights and music! The perfect birthday wish for anyone! It can be mailed with extra postage, but the card comes with an envelope. You can even customize the card by handwriting sweet blessings inside. The best part? It’s completely customizable! Once the recipient opens the card, it will pop right back up with your own sweet blessings inside.

After choosing the design, the next step is to choose the cardstock. The white cardstock is best for the cake pop up card because it’s a lot easier to work with than other colors. Purple cardstock makes a nice background and works well with purple cardstock. Make sure to use a paper that matches the color of the purple card blank. This will match the color of the card inside and outside. The pop up mechanism is the next step, and after the paper adheres to the top and bottom, the card is ready to give.

Once you’ve chosen the card, you can begin creating the cake pop up card. To make it even more special, you can add pictures to the cake! Put a picture of your child on the cake, or photos of children at the birthday party. Or, you can make a pop up card using a wedding cake topper. Once you’ve completed the card, the birthday child will be amazed by how beautiful it looks! There are many ways to make a cake pop up card!

Make a Birthday Cake Pop Up Card

A cake pop up card is simple to make. Make them yourself and include a personalized message. Your card will stand out from the generic store-bought versions! They’re a great way to show your loved ones that you care, and they’ll surely love it! You can make several different designs and styles of pop up cards, too! You can make a pop up card using any of these methods and make it unique. The only limit is your imagination!

DIY cake pop up card
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