How to Make Birthday Pop-Up Box Cards

Birthday Balloons Gift Pop-up Box

Easily make a birthday pop up box card

If you want to make an adorable Birthday balloons gift Pop-up Box Card for a child, you can easily make it yourself. You can use white cardstock, cut it into three 12x2cm pieces, and attach the insert flaps. Add some embellishments to the front and back of the box, like sequins, thread, buttons, and more. You can also purchase templates to make your own cards and embellish them with your own designs and ideas.

For the back panel of your card, score the lines as described above. You may want to leave a small piece of uncut paper next to a thin strip. This will form the box outside. Next, glue the uncut panel to the edge of the other panel. Repeat for the other side. Your pop-up card is ready to give your recipient an unexpected surprise! You can also add a sentimental message to the inside of the card to show your appreciation.

Birthday cake pop-up cards

Another great option is birthday cake pop-up cards. These 3D cards are perfect for celebrating a milestone birthday. These cards fold flat but then pop up to reveal a three-tiered birthday cake. The back side of the pop-up box contains a blank space for your own message. When a birthday approaches, it’s time to celebrate! The Birthday Pop-up Box Card will surely make the recipient feel special and happy.

Lastly, you can add some confetti or glitter bombs to your pop-up box. When the tab is pulled, confetti or glitter will fly out. The “Pull Here” tab must be visible when the card is sealed. After the card is sealed, it should be a surprise to the recipient. It can be given in person or sent through the mail. And remember, the contents are entirely up to you!

You can use a contrasting colored ribbon to add a bit of flair to your cards. Use your imagination to make something special for your child’s birthday! You can even use a favorite photo of her as a reference. Just make sure the card is the best size. Once the pop-up is complete, your little one will definitely enjoy it! And you won’t regret making these fun birthday pop-up box cards for your child!

Birthday cards DIY
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