How to Make Pop Up Birthday Cards

If you’d like to create pop up birthday cards, you’ll need to fold two pieces of construction paper in half and match the edges. Fold the short sides of the first piece in half as well. The first piece will become the front of the pop up birthday card, and the second will be the back. Stack the layers of construction paper so that they match. Fold the left side of layer Z to the left. You’ll want the fold to be about two inches from the center of layer Z.

Unicorn Cake Pop-Up Card

How to make pop up birthday cards

Make your own pop up birthday cards by following the instructions on the back of the card. You can also use other materials such as washi tape, pens, sprinkles paper, and wedding cake toppers. Remember, the measurements of the toppers will determine the measurements of the cake below. This is a great way to make a pop up birthday card that the recipient will love. This type of card is also fun to receive and makes a wonderful gift.

Choose a design

Choose a design that’s appropriate for the recipient’s age, stage of life, and key events of the year. A card with humorous sentiments is usually welcome, but keep in mind that some people find a heartfelt card too snide. Also, take the recipient’s attitude towards age into consideration before choosing a card. If the recipient is very young, a card that contains heartwarming sentiments might not be appropriate.

Add decoration

Another way to customize pop up birthday cards is to add decorations to them. You can use colorful paper flowers to add more vibrance. Or, if you’d prefer to add a three-tiered cake, you can use a template and decorate it with candles. You can add smileys, decorative stickers, and ribbons to make the birthday card even more unique. Your pop up birthday cards will stand out from the mass-produced store-bought variety.

Make one by yourself

If you don’t want to purchase pop up birthday cards, you can make one yourself. You can even print it on cardstock and cut it to fit any size. Pop-up cards can be as large as two feet in height. Many people enjoy making them. And with many different designs available online, you can create a card for any occasion. And with a little practice, you can even create them for children!

Please Match the personality

If you’re looking for pop up birthday cards that match the personality of the person you’re buying for, consider a non-age-specific design. You may not want to purchase a card that is designed for a toddler because it might offend a twelve-year-old. If you’re unsure, check out the interests of the child to find out if a card is appropriate. It’s worth the extra money to surprise your child!

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