Make a Birthday Paper Cake for Your Loved One

Happy Birthday Cake Pop-Up Honeycomb Centerpiece

This article will teach you how to make a beautiful birthday cake of paper. Using decorative paper, first draft the phrase ‘Happy Birthday in pencil. Then outline it with permanent markers. You can now wrap the cake in crepe paper. Once the crepe paper is rolled, unroll it to reveal a confetti effect. It will look like a real birthday cake! Then, you can decorate the bottom half as desired.

Next, make small circles and stick them onto the white area of the base. When you’re done, you’ve completed the base of the cake! Now, you’re ready to add the body of the cake! Next, cut a sheet of A4 construction paper and glue the body of the cake to it. Then, attach the flaps and your birthday paper cake is ready! And it’s as simple as that! Whether you’re a parent or a child, birthday paper cakes are the perfect way to celebrate a birthday.

Next, your child will cut strips of paper into shapes that resemble a cake. Next, he or she will cut four strips of paper to make candles and decorations. After that, it’s time to decorate the cake with candles and other decorations. As an added bonus, you’ll also have a cake that your child can use to collect birthday data in class. Finally, your child will learn about different birthdays and strengthen their decision-making and fine motor skills while having fun with it!

After you finished the cake, you can add the candles. To make a candle, you’ll need to fold up the candle wick and roll it into a tight tube. The stripes on the body of the candle must match perfectly so that they look like a real candle. You can now glue the other five candles onto the body of the cake. And then, let it dry. Depending on how long your child can spend on this project, he or she might be able to complete it in a half-hour.

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