Make a Paper Birthday Cake for Fun

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Children can create their own paper birthday cake pop up card for classmates. These celebrations are an excellent way to reinforce decision-making skills and fine motor skills. In this simple activity, they will cut out cake shapes and strips for decorations. They can also collect birthday data in class. Once the cakes are decorated, children can use them to make graphs of birthdays. They can even stack the cakes by month. This activity also promotes creativity. While creating their own Paper Birthday Cake, children will also have fun making the decorations.

To create a Paper Birthday Cake, follow the steps listed below: Begin by printing a template for the cake. Next, cut the icing and cake-coloured card stock. Match the ends of the pieces. Make sure to cut through the bent card stock rather than crease the fold. Make sure to follow the directions on the template for the edges of the cake. Once finished, attach the frosting to the cake. This simple step is sure to delight your child’s birthday party guests.

To make the top part of the cake, cut a piece of the wrap paper 2cm bigger than the bottom half. Before applying super glue, wrap the cake in the paper. You’ll be able to see the final result when you unfold the top half. If you use crepe paper, cut the paper along the roll to create the “confetti” effect when unrolled. You can then use the leftover strips to decorate the rest of the cake.

The final step is to fold the flaps inside. Then, fold the bottom piece and the top piece in half and tape them flat against the underside of the cake. When done, fill them with goodies and slide them over the cake. Finally, give the birthday person the cake. They will be thrilled and delighted! You’ve made a Paper Birthday Cake in just a few steps! Once you’ve finished your top layer, you’re ready to make the rest of the cake.

Once the cake top is ready, you can start threading the candle in the center. To do this, you’ll need to cut two-inch-wide strips from the top of the cake. Stick them on the cake body with super glue. Once you’ve secured the top, you can attach the remaining five candles. The finished cake body will sit flat on the table. Once all five candles are attached, you can continue with the rest of the candles.

paper birthday cake
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